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Posted - 22 May 05 - 11:35 am

Westering home, and a song in the air,
Light in the eye, and it's goodbye to care;
Laughter o' love, and a welcoming there;
Isle of my heart, my own one.

Tell me o' lands o' the Orient gay!
Speak o' the riches and joys o' Cathay!
Eh, but its grand to be wakin' ilk day
To find yourself nearer to Isla.
And it's Westering home ....

Where are the folks like the folk o' the west?
Canty and couthy, and kindly, the beast;
There would I hie me. and there I would rest
At hame wi' my ain folk in Isla.
And its Westering home ...

Source: Singing Together, Summer 1974, BBC Publications


There is much confusion about this on the web. Certainly the words were written by Sir Hugh S. Roberton in the 1920's but there are conflicting views on whether he wrote the melody.

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 22 May 05 - 04:59 pm

Roberton wrote the music for the verses. His Songs of the Isles states: "Chorus noted from the singing of Donald McIsaac". That's the tune, of course, not the words: I should think that Mr McIsaac sang The Mucking of Geordie's Byre to it. That's the song it's usually associated with.

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