Author Topic: Add: Scraping Up Sand In The Bottom Of The Sea

Jon Freeman

Posted - 11 Feb 12 - 09:42 am

Scraping up sand in the bottom of the sea,
Shiloh, Shiloh,
Scraping up sand in the bottom of the sea,
Shiloh Liza Jane

Oh, how I love her,
O Liza Jane
Oh how I love her,
Goodbye, Liza Jane

2. Black those shoes and make them shine.

3. A hump-backed mule I'm bound to ride

4. Hopped up a chicken and he flew upstairs.

Singing Together and Rhythm and Music, Autumn Term 1957

From 'American Folk Songs for Children' (Doubleday & Co., New York)


Posted - 25 Apr 12 - 01:01 am

this was a song that my nana used to sing for me before i go to sleep that is why this has a very sentimental meaning for me especially when my nana passed away. have not heard of this for quite a while now, maybe i could sing this to my little nieces and they could pass ont he tradition now that i got the lyrics here, this would be a big help as i never quite got the whole lyrics of the song.

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