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Let's not think of tomorrow,
Lest we disappointed be;
Our joys may turn to sorrow,
As we all may daily see.
Today we're strong and healthy,
But how soon there comes a change.
As we may see from the explosion
That has been at Trimdon Grange.

Men and boys left home that morning
For to earn their daily bread,
Little thought before the evening
They'd be numbered with the dead;
Let us think of Mrs Burnett,
Once had sons and now has none -
With the Trimdon Grange explosion,
Joseph, George and James are gone.

February left behind it
What will never be forgot;
Weeping widows, helpless children
May be found in many a cot.
Little children kind and loving
From their homes each day would run;
For to meet their father's coming
As each hard day's work was done.

Now they ask if father's left them,
And the mother hangs her head,
With a weeping widow's feelings,
Tells the child its father's dead.
Homes that once were blessed with comfort
Guided by a father's care
Now are solemn, sad and gloomy,
Since the father is not there.

God protect each lonely widow,
Help to raise each drooping head;
Be a Father to the orphans,
Never let them cry for bread.
Death will pay us all a visit;
They have only gone before.
We may meet the Trimdon victims
Where explosions are no more.

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Source: B:Palmer, R, A Ballad History of England, BT Batsford Ltd, 1979

The given lyrics are from Song Book, edited by Thomas Armstrong, published in 1930. The tune was collected by A. L. Lloyd from R Sewell in Newcastle and published in his 1952 book Come All Ye Bold Miners by Lawrence and Wishart.

The disaster described in this song took place on 16th February 1882 at the Trimdon Grange Colliery in County Durham, England. Sixty-eight men died and Thomas Armstrong wrote this song to the existing tune "Go and leave me if you wish it."

I have amended a published F crochet in bar 14 to two F quavers in order to make the lyrics ("we may") fit the tune more readily.

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