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As I was going to Derby, Sir, 'twas on a market day,
I met the finest Ram, Sir, that ever was fed on hay.

And indeed, Sir, 'tis true, Sir, I never was given to lie,
And if you'd been to Derby, Sir, You'd have seen him as well as I.

The horns upon his head, Sir, held a regiment of men,
And the tongue that was in his head, Sir, would feed them every one.

The wool upon its back, Sir, made fifty packs of cloth,
And for to tell a lie, Sir, I'm sure I'm very loath.

The tail was fifty yards, Sir, as near as I can tell,
And it was sent to Rome, Sir, to ring St Peter's bell.

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Source: Singing Together, Autumn 1966, BBC Publications


Roud: 126 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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