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In nightly stillness comes a voice that rings:
"Rise now ye shepherds, greet the King of Kings!
Leave the flocks behind a-feeding,
On to Bethlem go a-speeding,
Christ is born today."

Swiftly they went and found the lovely Babe
Laid in a manger as the voice had said.
Round they gathered, humbly kneeling,
Cried aloud with joyful feeling
"God has come to us!"

"Hail thee! O Saviour, welcome, welcome be.
Four thousand years the world expected Thee.
Kings and prophets waited vainly,
Us thou hast prefered plainly,
In this humble shed."

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Source: Singing Together, Autumn 1966, BBC Publications

From 'Five Fantasies on Polish Christmas Carols' (Chappell).


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