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Didn't my Lord deliver Da-nu-el,
Da-nu-el, Da-nu-el,
Didn't my Lord deliver Da-nu-el,
And why not every man?

He delivered Daniel from the lion's den,
And Jonah from the belly of the whale,
And the Hebrew children from the fiery furnace,
So why not every man?

The wind blows east, the wind blows west,
It blows like judgement day,
And ev'ry soul that never did pray,
Will be glad to pray that day.

The moon run down in a purple stream,
The sun refuse to shine.
And every star will disappear,
King Jesus will be mine.

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Source: Alan Lomax, The Penguin Book of American Folk Songs, Penguin, 1964

Alan Lomax wrote:

This genuine antebellum spiritual, one of the most powerful freedom songs in any language, should be sung with strong rhythm and great drive. Its apocalyptic vision of judgement day, perfectly acceptable in a religious context to Southern Protestant slave holders, certainly comforted the slave by assuring him that God in his own time would punish the wicked and cruel and succor his innocent and suffering people. For the Negro slave his spirituals carried a double symbolism -redemption from sin and freedom from servitude.

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