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"Today I left the town behind
To wander green country lane,
And now I'll take this wild white rose,
Of summer back on the train."
"Now stay your hand you gipsy townsman,
Who wanders the lane for all of a day,
The wild white rose is the summer's glory,
Why pray, take me away?"

"But who should care if one wild rose
Should fade from summer-blue sky?
And who will know I leave you to grow,
My careless pleasure deny?"
"The bee that hums the brambled hedgerow,
The badger that haunts the fields of the night,
The bird that sings of summer treasure,
These your gifts will delight."

"And who will thank my kindly deed
In sparing wild summer rose?
No voice of praise will favour me
But the grateful croaking of crows."
"The wind that sings of pardoned flowers
Will thankfully praise the deed you have done,
And voices sweet her tale repeat
In dawn-long bright as the sun."

"And should I turn my hand away,
The hedgerow leaving unflawed,
And should I spare one wild white rose,
What then shall be my reward?"
"When next you leave the town behind you,
In green country lane to take your delight,
The summer day will grace your way
With wild rose blossoming bright."

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Source: Singing Together, Summer 1976, BBC Publications

Wales. Words by John Emlyn Edwards.


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