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Hill you ho, boys, Let her go, boys,
Bring her head round, now all together,
Hill you ho, boys, Let her go, boys,
Sailing home, home to Mingulay.

What care we though white the Minch is?
What care we for wind or weather,
Let her go, boys! Ev'ry inch is
Wearing home, home to Mingulay.

Wives are waiting on the bank, or,
Looking seaward from the heather;
Pull her round, boys! And we'll anchor,
Ere the sun sets at Mingulay.

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Source: Singing Together, Summer 1976, BBC Publications

Lyrics by Sir Hugh S. Roberton (1874-1952). The melody is described in Songs of the Isles as "Traditional Gaelic tune (probably Lochaber) arranged by Hugh S Roberton". The original tune was a pipe tune, 'Creag Guanach'; from, not called, Lochaber.


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