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Come landsmen list you all to me to tell you the truth I'm bound,
What happened to me by going to sea and the wonders that I found.
Ship-wrecked I was once perforce, and cast upon the shore
So I resolved to make a tour the country to explore.

Tol-lol, tol-lol, lit-tle-tol-lol, lol,
The wonderful crocodile.

But far I'd not proceeded when alongside of the ocean,
I saw something move about which I though must be all the earth in motion,
But sterring up close alongside I found 'twas a crocodile,
And from his nose to the tip of his tail he measured five hundred miles.

This crocodile I could plainly see was not of a common race,
I was obliged to climb up a very high tree before I could see his face,
Whilst up aloft the stem so high it blew a gale from the South,
I lost my hold and away did fly right into the crocodile's mouth.

I travelled on for a month or two till I got into his maw,
There I found of rum kegs not a few and a thousand bullocks in store,
Of life I banished all my care, for in grub I was not stinted,
And in this crocodile I lived ten years very well contented.

This crocodile being very old, one day at last he died,
But he was three years getting cold he was so long and wide,
His skin was ten miles thick I'm sure, or very near about,
For it took me full six months or more cutting a hole to get out.

So now once more I'd got on earth resolved no more to roam,
In a ship that passed I got a berth and now I'm safe at home,
And lest my story you should doubt, should you ever travel the Nile,
Just where he fell you'll find the shell of the wonderful crocodile.

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Source: Singing Together, Summer 1979, BBC Publications


Roud: 886 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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