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There was a pig went out to dig,
Chrisimas Day, Chrisimas Day,
There was a pig went out to Dig
On Chrisimas Day in the morning.

There was a cow went out to plough ...

There was a sparrow went out to harrow ...

There was drake went out to rake ...

There was a crow went out to sow ...

There was a sheep went out to reap ...

There was a minnow went out to winnow ..

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Source: Lucy Broadwood and J A Fuller Maitland. 1893, English County Songs, Leadenhall Press, London

From Lancashire.

Words and tune from Miss M. H. Mason's Nursery Rhymes and Country Songs.

Lucy Broadwood notes, in what appears to be a quotation,presumably from Miss Mason's book:

"There are no words, properly speaking, after the first verse, but rhymes are invented according to the pleasure of the singer."

Roud: 1369 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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