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I hear along our street
Pass the minstrel throngs
Hark! They play so sweet
On their hautboys Christmas songs.

Let us by the fire
Ever higher, ever higher,
Sing until the night expire
Sing until the night expire

In December ring
Every day the chimes
Loud the gleemen sing
In the street their merry rhymes.

Who by the fireside stands
Stamps his feet and sings
But he who blows his hands
Not so gay a carol rings.

Shepherds at the grange
Where the Babe was born
Sing with many a change
Christmas carols until morn.

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Source: Words: Longfellow, Tune: "Still sung in Dunster today"

From the sleevenotes of "Angels a-shouting":

From other Somerset village carol traditions we sing the Dunster carol "I hear along our street" (words by Longfellow, still sung today by a traditional carol party)


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