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O where hae ye been a' the day,
(Willie Doo, Willie Doo?)
I've been to see my stepmither,
(Die shall I now!)

What got ye frae your stepmither,
(Willie Doo, Willie Doo?)
She gaed to me a speckled trout,
(Die shall I now!)

Where got she you the speckled trout,
(Willie Doo, Willie Doo?)
'Twas caught amang the heather hills,
(Die shall I now!)

What gaed she you there for to drink,
(Willie Doo, Willie Doo?)
She brewed some deadly hemlock stocks,
(Die shall I now!)

They made his bed, then laid him down
Puir Willie, Willie Doo!
He turned his wee face to the wa',
Willie's died now!

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Source: Fifty Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes, Alfred Moffat, 1933

This is a Nursery version of 'Henry My Son'/'Lord Randall'. Also quoted in Bronson, 12 (group C) no.98.

Roud: 10 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six
Child: 12

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